From Weyland to the Forgotten Realms

I went on vacation and my players rebelled.

Sort of.

The kick off of our new 5E game got pushed back a month or so due to my schedule. My dad was visiting, then we went on vacation, so I missed two Sundays of gaming. On both of those Sundays, the group got together to play board games and talk about characters. During those conversations, they decided they would be more comfortable in a setting they knew, so they picked the Forgotten Realms.

I admit I was disappointed with this choice at first. I've been tinkering and jotting notes on the Weyland setting for years; I was finally going to get a change to play there! Actually running games in the setting would also motivate me to do more work and better organize the stuff I'd already done. But I understood the group's choice. There's a lot of newness happening, It makes sense to stick to a familiar setting when transitioning to a new rule set.

So no more new Weyland stuff for awhile. Instead, I'll gather 5E Forgotten Realms materials and rumors, post campaign updates whenever I get around to them, and (hopefully) post new, homebrewed material for the FR that others will find interesting and useful.

The game begins in Waterdeep tonight!


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