Boy, this sucks -- computer update

Just found out the hard drive on the old laptop is toast, with the only chance for recovery being expensive "we extract data from banks that tried to hide their money laundering and then burned their hard drives" companies. Big thing gone is a ton of family photos, but there was some work stuff and gaming stuff on there as well.  We have some backups, but not an especially recent one.  I know, yell at me later.

Back up everything, kids.  Early and often.

Anyway, a new computer is in the future for us.  The dead machine is a MacBook, which I really liked, but I am not an Apple snob.  I am intrigued by the idea of building my own PC, but wonder if I have the skills and the time.


  1. Bummer about the computer. But building your own PC is pretty easy these days - it's like playing with LEGOs. Expensive electric LEGOs, but LEGOs all the same. :)

    - Ark

  2. Good luck with the new computer. And I am bad with backing it stuff. Need to do it right now.

    This is Tim, not Whisk, I just saw i was on her ID.

  3. This is Whisk now. Sorry to hear about your computer. And the pictures.

  4. That does suck, very sorry to hear it. And as for those people that get on you about how you should have backed up more often right after you lost your hard drive ... they deserve a punch in the face.

    And now I'm off to back up my dissertation-in-progress.


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