Awesome Friday

Friday is typically a light posting day for most folks.  I thought I'd keep it light today by just sharing a few things that I think are awesome.

1.  These GIF'ed up classic comic book covers by Kerry Callen: (hat tip to Andre Pope who posted this on G+)

Not animated here, but click on the link above!
2.  The fact that the barristas at the Starbucks here on campus know what tea I drink and have it ready for me when I make it to the counter after waiting in line.

3.  The fact that we have some old, battered piano in the big classroom across from my office.  Random people just sit and play it sometimes and often they are quite good.

Just a few awesome things this morning.  I know I am forgetting many other things.

Edit to add one other awesome thing:

4.  A band I really like, The Steel Wheels, has been performing new material that will appear on their new album that's supposed to come out in March:


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