Inking some dice

I took a tiny (and geeky) step forward in my "find something to do with my hands" project today and finished inking some new Game Science dice.  Cthulhu's Librarian ordered them for me a month or so ago when he placed an order.  I started inking them while we were at the beach and finished them this afternoon.

The set itself is a 12-piece set, with the standard seven plus a d3, d5, d14, d16, and d24.  It's the "Diamond" color which, as near as I can tell, is clear.  I inked them with an ultra-fine blue Sharpie.  I think they look alright, especially given that it was my first time inking dice since my Mentzer Red Box and the white crayon.

It wasn't a big project; I spent all of 15 minutes finishing the dice.  But it felt really good to do something with my hands.  Toward the end, my daughter climbed in my lap and asked me what I was doing, so she got to help me ink a couple of numbers on the d8.


  1. Ha, I was doing this yesterday and posted a little about it on Goggle+. It took me a lot longer. I used a white crayon.

  2. Man, that's funny - when I was inking my own Gamescience dice, about a year ago, my four year old daughter did the same exact thing, and she wound up helping me as well. I love kids.

  3. You and Tim are on the same wavelength, dice-wise. They look great!

  4. @Tim -- That's funny! I may have glimpsed your post on Google and that's what inspired me to finish. The Sharpie idea was a great one from Cthulhu's Librarian, but it left little room for error.
    @OMM -- My daughter is great. I am trying to give her some geek examples without pushing her too hard into any of my hobbies.
    @Christian -- Thanks!


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