April, 'tis the busiest month.

For an academic, anyway.

I've just returned from four days in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities on the planet.  I was there for a giant education conference where I presented some work.  I have a personal connection with the city; I think I like it so much because it also scares me just a bit.  Whatever you want to say about it, New Orleans is not boring!

In addition to the travel, my university had its big accreditation visit last week.  Things went well, but it was a stressful two days.  I felt like I was testifying before congress or something.  Add to that a big Friday deadline for some textbooks I'm developing and the general mad dash to the end of the semester and things are rather crazy here.

I'll make it, though.  We're gaming again tonight.  I'll post a recap soon after, as well as keep plugging away at the Mentzer reflections whenever I get a moment.

In the meantime, stay classy San Diego.


  1. Hang in there bro. I look forward to gaming with you when things settle down.

  2. @Christian -- yep. Though I also really like the NPR guys: "Public access. . . and no mercy!"


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