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There are lots of RPG blogs out there, many of which are very good.  Michael Curtis' reinvigorated Secret Antiquities is becoming one of my favorites.  Curtis is best known within the Old School RPG community and  is the author of Stonehell Dungeon and The Dungeon Alphabet, both of which are excellent.  His Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope blog is a great source of old-school goodness.  Secret Antiquities is his working blog for his Lovecraft-esque project -- a quasi-historical horror setting, drawing upon real world weirdness for game elements and mood.  That certainly sounds familiar. . .

His post today on "ushers" reminded me of something I've been toying around with for a long time -- the idea or theme of "doorways."  Doors serve, literally and figuratively, as portals and mechanisms for transport to other places.  There are lots of other associated elements -- locks and keys being the two biggest ones.  We'll see if they have a place in the overall project.


  1. Just dropping by... I had no idea that you had restarted the gaming blog. Cool!

    And Yeah, I dig Secret Antiquities as well. Michael Curtis is awesome.

    (I wish I had something more to say in my first comment on your blog, but I'm trying to get a post out of my own. I'll stop by again later.)


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