First (ugly) Map!

Obviously, this is rough.  Very rough.  Like sandpaper-in-underwear rough.  But this took me all of 30 minutes, which includes me downloading Google Earth and GIMP.  Italy is destroyed, there are some larger islands farther away from Vesuvius ground zero, and there are smaller islands scattered about the south (my Straits of Fire).  The little red dots are volcanoes.  Duh!

No masterpiece, but a good start, especially since I know nothing about GIMP or image manipulation in general.

(GIMP, by the way, looks awesome and is totally free.  I found out about it with some lurking on The Cartographer's Guild).


  1. GIMP is fantastic! There's a portable version as well, that you can run from a USB drive:

    Google Earth is pretty damn cool, too.

  2. I'm a qualified fan of the GIMP (when it is not completely mystifying). Google Earth, however, is one of the most amazingly cool pieces of software, ever. Perhaps I exaggerate... but not by that much.

  3. I am constantly astounded by Google Earth. Were I to teach any K-12 grade, or even other subjects at the university, I'd use it everyday.


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