Twitter and waste the hours in an off-hand way

Saturday I was in Myrtle Beach for the Create South Conference, which was put together by my brother and other folks, including the Evil Genius. Afterwards, Andre asked me how it was.

"I count a conference successful if I can get one new, good idea and meet one cool and interesting person per day. This one day event was worth about a week in those terms."

So, yeah, it was productive for me! One of the new ideas I got was to use twitter for work and class purposes. I have avoided twitter for awhile. It has the potential to be a massive time suck (which I already am a slight victim of) and I thought no one needs to know what I am doing all the time. This was weighed against the potential for research purposes. I thought it would be neat if while I was reading an article, I could tweet myself important ideas and quotes, thus not loosing anything and keeping them all in one place. At the conference, I hit upon another idea. I could make my students twitter between class meetings about their readings, which would keep me abreast of their ideas and issues on the assignment. Then I could assign one or two students to aggregate the week's twitter streams, looking for common issues which we could address in class. That later idea is what pushed me into twitter realm.

Other cool stuff I picked up from the conference:
Home-Ec 101

And I reconnected with an old friend -- Ava Ann. It was great to see her again and meet her guy Robert.

Thanks to my department for renting a car for me to go to Myrtle.

Sunday was even better, as it was Eleanor's birthday party. I am sure Sarah will post some pics soon an Eleanor's Place.

(oh, and I am down to seven research papers. Almost there. . . )

Anyone else twitter? Let me know.


  1. No twittering here, but I'm interested to see if it works for you in this way. While I can see that it could, in theory, be useful in untapped ways, I've yet to see it achieve those things. So keep us posted on how it works out.


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