The Pope Presidential Endorsement

I don't talk directly about politics much in my blog. Generally, I don't consider myself much of a political person. Perhaps it's the philosopher in me -- I am much more concerned about ideas than the messy business of politics, which often just annoys and frustrates me. That being said, I have found myself interested in all the current political hoopla. It's hard to avoid, for one. There is no predetermined outcome, for another. And, perhaps most importantly, I have come to support Barak Obama. To me, he represents a change away from many of the things I dislike about politics. He's inspiring in ways that others are not. I know people say that being inspiring and hopeful are not enough, that he needs experience. I think inspiration and hope are what we need right now, that personal qualities of integrity, leadership, and inspiration cannot be learned in the way that political savvy can be gained, that you can surround yourself with people that can help navigate the political waters, but one cannot be advised on hope.

Anyway, the Obama campaign sent me this video, which I found captures much of why I like Obama, so I thought I'd post it.

Edit: Apparently, great minds who happen to be brothers think alike. Andre talks about this video (that was produced by on his blog.


  1. (90 days expired);
    While I'm not sure that I agree with many of his policy positions, I am sure that it may not matter...while I won't go so far as to issue an endorsement, I will go so far as to say that the way he is doing it is the way it should be done, and that alone could possibly translate into a vote that otherwise would have been unlikely.

  2. Put me down "pro-Obama" as well. He's refreshing, honest and the conciliator that W claimed to be. Right now he is not the policy wonk, but that will change. Most of all, he is electable, which I think Hillary is not.

    March primary in Texas could be his "defining moment."

    Roger Gette

  3. Buncha Damn Hippies. I'm voting for Alexander Haig.

  4. Whatever, Jimmy. I know you and Tom Skerrit are out pounding the Seattle pavement for Obama in the Washington Primaries even as we speak!

  5. Good picture of Jane (fourth one down) in one of the Seattle alt weeklys at our caucus.

    And yes, I love the fact that i live in a town where the process for selecting the leader of the free world is run by a guy in a rainbow yarmulke with a megaphone.


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