Lost -- 7 February

I missed the first 10 minutes or so of last night's episode trying to get Eleanor to go back to sleep (at which I failed miserably and had to call in the calvary, aka Sarah).
I think all I missed was Dan (or is it Dave -- the bearded parachute guy) and his flashback. I think it was neat how we got all four of the new arrival's flashbacks in one episode and, as usual, the flashbacks are where the mystery lies. The entire episode was a bit more of a setup show that last week, with little payoff and not much plot advancement. Still, there was some forward movement. The Dharma polar bear in Tunisia was nice and gives more evidence to the time travel/teleportation theory about what's going on on the island. We found out the mysterious black guy who appears to Hurley in the mental hospital in the future was the same guy who sent Naomi and the "rescue team". We find out that they are after Ben. We see some photo of Ben, but I couldn't tell how recent it was or where it was taken. If it was a recent photo or it's clearly not taken on the island, that would give more evidence to the time travel/teleportation element, too. We also learned Ben knows all about these strange people and has a mole aboard their boat. Despite knowing all of that stuff, Ben doesn't know what the smoke monster is all about (but he could be lying about that).

We also have another literary/philosophical figure on the island -- the red-head British woman is named Charlotte Simmons? Lewis, so now C.S. Lewis joins Locke, Rousseau, Sawyer, and other literary types on the island.


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