What Was Made

A few weeks ago, I posted about the final project I assigned my class -- to make something.  I just returned from that class; they presented their final projects today and discussed the process of their making.

I was blown away.  These things were incredible.  One student tried to replicate her grandmother's biscuit recipe because her grandmother has Alzheimer's and can't pass the recipe on to others.  She brought the results to class.  Another student stitched a stuffed animal that was the "daughter" of a favorite stuffed animal from childhood.  Another student illustrated a chapter from his fantasy-novel-in-progress.  Yet another student made a bento box and filled it with homemade traditional Japanese bento dishes (triangle rice balls, cucumber sushi).  She did all this in her dorm room!  The project that may have the most interest to this blog's audience was a student's work based on A Game of You.  First, she made a three-dimensional art project that used panels from the graphic novel, but arranged them in a new sequence.  She added dialogue in a creative way to illustrate themes of the course.  It looked awesome.  Then, she also made the Porpentine! And gave it to me!  I am wearing it around my neck right now.  If it's not apparent, I am extraordinarily proud of my students and jazzed about it all right now.

I made a map.  More about that soon.


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