Heroes and Dragons -- A Friendly, Non-Local, Game Store

We headed out of town this past weekend to visit my family in Conway, South Carolina.  On our way back, we made a pit stop in Columbia for lunch; I talked the wife into letting me swing by Heroes and Dragons, an FLGS I had visited a long time ago.  Though they had moved across the street, we found them with a minimum of hassle.

I had great plans of taking some pics and posting a quasi-walk through, but then my (tired) four year old had a minor meltdown over a fairy statue and we had to cut our visit short.  (It did not matter that I had secret plans of buying her the fairy for Christmas as soon as she and her mom went back to the car.  She had to Have. It. Now.  And now I can't even get it for her because she threw a fit about it and I don't want to reward that behavior.  And, yes, I am still bitter).  Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yeah.  Heroes and Dragons is a cool store.  It's huge!  They have separate sections for comics, toys/collectibles, games (RPG's, miniatures, and board games), used books, and game tables.  Everything was clean and well lit.  They had a large selection of high-quality used sci-fi and fantasy books, which skewed to newer stuff, though I did see some interesting Edgar Rice Burroughs volumes.  They also had a decent selection of pulp novels, though I saw more adventure books than fantasy pulps.  The game selection was good, with a glass display case with some older materials -- I saw a number of 1E D&D adventures in there, including Beyond the Magic Mirror.  There were maybe 8 tables set up for gaming in another section of the store.  My daughter seemed particularly fascinated by the terrain that was set up on and under them.

I ended up not getting anything, due to the aforementioned meltdown, but I definitely want to check the store out again next time I am down that way.

Here's their commercial:


  1. Whoah, been busy with work and I come back to find that you've completely changed your layout. Nifty.


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