I Made a Map!

Above is the small version of the map I made for the "Make Something" project I assigned in my class.  I used pencil to sketch the landforms, then went back and traced the coastline with a fine point black Sharpie.  I traced the rivers with a fine point blue Sharpie.  The water is colored with a mixture of colored pencil and crayon, while the land color is all colored pencil.  Part of the reason I drew a small version first was to practice with technique and color, hence the hodgepodge of color and materials.  If it's not apparent, this is a desert region  -- one I hope to develop into a campaign setting one day.

The larger version is about 18" x 24".  It's on a different type and color of paper, which really changed the way the colors turned out.  On the larger version, I ended up not coloring in all of the land, leaving large spots "blank".  I am not sure if it looks better to color everything (as above) or just color in the landforms that are particular (like deserts, jungles, etc).

What do you think?  


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