Pathfinder Game Update

We gathered yesterday for our monthly Sunday session of Pathfinder.  We're still working our way through book one of The Serpent's Skull Adventure Path.  Here's a quick rundown of what's happened so far, with a focus on yesterday's session.

Jack -- Human Cleric
Lukka -- Human Fighter
Culver -- Half-Elven Bard (my character)
Lanliss -- Eleven Wizard
Sir Godric -- Human Paladin

The very short summary of previous adventures:
We had been shipwrecked on a small island in mysterious cricumstances.  The ship was clearly wrecked, but we and all our gear had been carried to the beach.  After spending some time scavenging for supplies and fighting some indegenous wildlife (crabs!), we set off through the jungle toward a mysterious lighthouse.  En route, members of our band were captured by the local cannibal tribe.  A rescue attempt resulted in a ferocious battle.  We defeated the cannibal chief and most of the warriors, kept a warrior around to give us the lay of the land, and let everyone else go.  The captured warrior told us about the tribe's terrifying "mother" who lived in a cave underneath the lighthouse, accepting human sacrifices.  We explored the lighthouse a bit, gathering clues that the cannibals were orriginally a shipwrecked crew.  For years, they had been feeding on (or adding to their numbers) with other shipwrecked sailors.

We were also struggling to piece together what had happened to our own ship.  The captain and his lover, a mysterious stranger taken aboard early in our voyage, were still unaccounted for.

Searching for futher clues and a way off this rock, we ventured into the caves under the lighthouse.  Here we were confronted with disgusting, pus-filled zombies -- spawns of the "mother" who turned out to be some bestial serpent-human hybrid.  A hit and run fight with her ensued, but we managed to bring her down.  We also found the captian, who had been brought her by his lover and given to the Mother.  He graciously took the time to scrawl the tale of his betrayal in blood as he was being transformed into a pus-zombie.  As it turns out, his companion was also a serpent creature, who was on the island looking for the Red Mountain and the secrets that lay within.  We discovered a temple to some forgotten snake god in the Mother's caves, a temple that had clearly been searched just some days prior.  The bas-reliefs showed snake-people using magical rituals to smash ships.  Figuring the captain's former friend had headed for the Red Mountain, we set off, hoping to find her and some way off the island.

While crossing a rope bridge over a ravine, we were set upon by some flying dinosaur, which promptly knocked Lukka into the ravine and then rended Lanliss.  We drove it off, then marched on to the Red Mountain.

The Mountain was the lair of the flyind dionsaur, which attacked us again that night.  We finally killed it, scaling the mountain at dawn to find it's lair.  We uncovered some magical loot.

At the base of the Mountain was a circle of stones, carved with more snake motifs, around a small altar-looking stone.  We remembered the wall carvings in Mother's lair!  Using sea water and blood, we activated some ritual that drained the lagoon and revealed a (now open) stone doorway.  We walked on the sandbar out to the door, pausing to inspect a shipwreck.  Inside this mostly rotten hulk was a strange gnome who thought we were members of his crew.  He urged us to "get back to work," so we left him and ventured into the seaweed covered door.  Someone else had recently entered as well, but we ended the session before we could find out who.

A great session -- one of the best of the game so far.


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