Starks and Lannisters Defeated by Preschool Girl

with help from infant boy.

It was a long, but fun weekend, as we drove to Conway, South Carolina for a Bluegrass and BBQ Festival; my brother's team was competing in the BBQ part.  They did well, we ate lots of BBQ, and my daughter played in the river.  Sunday we hung around for a baby shower, then headed back home.

I was cautiously optimistic that I'd make Game of Thrones.  We arrived back at the house by 8:00 and the kids still needed to be fed and bathed before 9:00.  My optimism was spurred on by my awesome wife, who promised to put the kids to bed so I could watch the show, as long as I helped out beforehand.  Despite all this good will, things simply did not cooperate.  My daughter has to have things just so, and her bedtime routine takes awhile.  Add to that the fact that my son was thrown off schedule by the travel and I didn't get out of the kid-bedtime zone until 9:15.  I turned on Game of Thrones anyway, planning on watching the rest of the episode, then watching the first 15 minutes when they showed the episode again on another HBO channel at 10:00.  But no rebroadcast was scheduled for 10:00, and my daughter came out of her bedroom just as Theon was trying to strangle Ros, which prompted me to turn off the TV in haste.  After getting her back in bed -- damn excitable Zhu-Zhu Pets -- I just gave up.  I'll try to watch it tonight if it's on.


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