Enter the Dragon -- D&D Documentary

Found this short, interesting, well-done documentary about playing D&D on wilwheaton.net:

Quick thoughts:

1.  4E requires a lot of physical gear to play!
2.  I think there's a bit too much of the "wish-fulfillment through my character" and "nerds are people too" vibes happening in the film.  I get that wish-fulfillment is a part of RPGing, but I think the film overstates it as a rationale.  Similarly, I think most of us -- jocks and geeks alike :) -- have gotten beyond bagging on anyone else's hobby.
3.  I think it gets the communal fun aspect of gaming just right!



  1. That was a bit tough to get through, huh? I don't relate at all to the victimization, even as an adult. Also, while wish fulfillment is certainly part of the experience, it's just one part, like you you said.

  2. I certainly felt ostracized or looked down on as a geeky kid, but I also played sports and went to punk rock shows. And I certainly don't feel that way now. Except about that baseball player guy who tried to beat me up after soccer practice. That guy sucks.

  3. Seriously, eff that guy.

    You are right. They sure have a lot of stuff to play Type IV!

    The DM in the video seems like a hell of a nice guy, though.

  4. Okay, I'm back. I re-watched the ending and liked what she said about community. That was also cool.

  5. The whole group seems like generally fun people to play with.

  6. Just came across this post on a hunt for gaming docs. Very well done and I agree with the points you guys made- both about not feeling ostracized now and loving what that woman said about community. So right on.


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