World Series Thoughts

I am at work, bleary eyed a bit from watching TV until 12:30 AM. I've been doing that for two weeks, watching the Red Sox come back from a 3-1 deficit against the Indians and then clobber the Rockies. Here are some random thoughts about it all:

-- I will admit to not being horribly upset that the Indians were up 3-1. I root for the Sox. I thought they could come back. After all, my Green Pillow and I hung on every out for the 2004 comeback against the Yankees. And, deep down, there was a tiny part of me that thought it would be cool to be in a city where the World Series was happening, since I was going to Cleveland on the 25th. I did go to Cleveland and was just as happy to see it kinda bummed out. I watched game 2 from a bar in downtown Cleveland, but when it wasn't on for the pre-game, I was nervous about asking them to change the channel.

-- The Sox had two cancer survivors start in the Series and both were great. Lester got lots of attention, but I didn't know until today that MVP Mike Lowell fought off testicular cancer in 1999. The fact that these two guys could fight off cancer and come back and win the WS is pretty inspirational.

-- Shilling wants one more year, and I hope his very impressive post-season gets him one. It's just one more year, but I'll understand if management does not think he can hold up for another entire season.

-- One of the great things about baseball is how one swing can erase almost everything. Yes, I am looking at you, J.D. Drew.

-- Papelbon scares me, more than a little.

-- In 2004, we had the Roberts' Steal that turned it around. For 2007, I nominate the Drew Grand Slam. Or, if you are into smaller events, Manny throwing Lofton out.

-- What kind of asses are Boras and A-Rod? They make their big announcement for not coming back to the Yankees in the early innings of Game 4. That just reeks of no-class. Even Cashman, et al waited until the series was over before announcing Girardi as manager.

-- Please, for the love of all that is holy, don't let the Sox sign A-Rod. Please. (I don't think they will, since he clearly, clearly, sucks in the post-season and the Sox are built for post-season success).

-- We put Eleanor down to bed at her usual time, but she was pretty restless, getting up at 11:00 to eat. Even after that, she didn't really want to go back to sleep. My awesome wife got out of bed to try and calm her down so I could watch the end of the game. That didn't work, so after the game was over I went in and rocked Eleanor back to sleep. Personally, I think she was nervous about the outcome of the series and would not calm down until she knew the Sox had won. We did, after all, watch their opening game in Fenway this year when Eleanor was one day old. Our little fan. . .


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