A night out

Sarah's parents are hanging out for the week to visit with us, so last night Sarah and I got a nice night out. We waited until after we put Eleanor to bed, then we went to dinner at The Inn at Baxter. It was nice and quiet, with an open kitchen, one big open dining room, and a nice looking bar across the way. Sarah and I went all out (largely because it was Roger's treat. His Christmas present was a contest. We won, so we got a nice dinner). Sarah had a glass of wine, pecan crusted catfish, Butterfinger cake with a glass of port for dessert. She enjoyed her wine and fish very much, but the port was a little strong and the cake a little dry. I opted for some Grey Goose Pear for my cocktail, then had duck with a molasses/Tabasco glaze for my meal. No dessert for me. The duck was wonderful; I described it as a "party in my mouth" which sent Sarah into convulsions of laughter just as the waiter (who was great) came by to ask how everything was. The only downside of the night was how tired I was -- I had taught all day and was worn out.

It was great to get a nice quiet dinner to ourselves out. Thanks to Roger and Marilyn for looking after Eleanor and for giving us a great Christmas present!


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