Friday and off!!

Haning out with Eleanor on a Friday morning while Sarah puts some time in at Cupps. Feels like a Friday for random things, so here goes:

Eleanor's 6 month checkup was Wednesday. Tale of the tape: 14 pounds 6 ozs (25th percentile); 25 inches long (25th percentile); 24 inch head (90th percentile!). My daughter's large cranium, combined with her ever-changing eye color and her uncanny ability to wake up just as Sarah and I peek in to check on her, caused me to remark that we would soon have to check and see if The Xavier Institute for the Gifted had any openings. My wife doesn't appreciate applying my geek humor to descriptions of our daughter.

Heading out today to Virginia. Winthrop's fall break is Monday and Tuesday, so we are visiting some friends in Richmond and Charlottesville. Looking forward to the trip, but of course it means I have 172 things to do at the office today in addition to the two big meetings I have to go to.

Andre remarked a few days ago how he loved VH1's Hip Hop Honors. I caught it on Tuesday. I've never been into hip-hop as much as my brother, but do like a lot of it that crosses my path. The show rekindled my interest in it a bit, so I am listening to the newest Common album (very good, supplied by my brother) and am going to try and restock my Tribe Called Quest & De La Soul stuff. Plus I need to get a GIANT multi-finger ring like Snoop wore at the VH1 honors that says "iPope" (my hip-hop/on-line persona).

One other thing about that show: Harvey Keitel introduced Snoop Dogg. Now, I like Snoop and I like Keitel, but how did those two get paired together? Did I miss something?

Will try to post from the road. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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