Alcohol at the Gaming Table

This is a short post in response to one of the TRPBTNTWA from Monsters and Manuals.  I know, it's only one thing.  I'll get around to the others.

In my current gaming group, we always have alcohol at the table.  There's always wine and frequently beer.  The wine is there because our hosts are also amateur vintners.  They are always breaking out a recently made bottle of red to share around the gaming table.  They also always cook.  I am working on a post about the food, which is ridiculous!  A far cry from Mountain Dew and Cheetos.

I am not a big drinker myself.  I was a straight-edge kid though college and have never really acquired the taste for beer or wine, which seems to be developed mostly by drinking lots of crappy stuff to get drunk, then graduating to moderation and taste.  I do enjoy hard cider -- especially the dry, English style brew -- but I usually don't drink any when we're gaming on Wednesday nights.  I am typically worn out from work, so the cider makes me sleepy.  Yes, I am a lightweight.

The group I gamed with when I lived in Texas had a strict "no alcohol" policy set by the DM.  Apparently, there was some Mysterious Incident in the past due to drinking around the table, so he flat-out forbid it.  Maybe he was the reason Black Leaf died.


  1. Our group never had any alcohol around the table because we never wanted to drink when playing. For whatever reason it just never mixed. And the fact that most of us don't drink or drink occasionally. I went to a couple of games where there was alcohol with another group. Two of the guys would go out of their way to be asses, but I don't think the alcohol played a part in that.


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