The Big Name

I really need a name for my fictional Mediterranean.  The sea is so big, both in physical size and importance to the setting, that 1) constantly referring to it as "The Inland Sea" just won't cut it and 2) the name is of significant importance, especially given it could easily serve as a name for the setting itself.

My immediate thoughts were to call it some fictionalized version of mare nostrum.  This made sense.  The ancient Roman-esque empire controlled much of the sea for much of the past, so that name could easily have carried over into the present.  But the more I thought and read about it, the fascist connections of the term didn't sit well with me.  Thus, I've moved away from that idea.  Although I did come across a cool-sounding board game with some associated cool art

I'm leaning toward taking a smaller part of the Mediterranean, blowing it up to mean the whole thing, and fictionalizing it a bit.  Leading candidate is mare tirreno or the Tyrrhenian Sea.  So something like Triheian Sea, Henian Sea, Sea of Tyre. . .

I'm stuck a bit here, but it seems important to get this down.


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