A Maelstorm of Discontent

I am not sure where that title came from -- it bubbled up in my head as I was wrestling with whether or not to write a blog entry. The discontent is really with myself -- my blogging and writing. Today hasn't been a good day for reinforcement, either, as a proposal I submitted was rejected (and I thought it was a shoe-in). I have been thinking hard about writing, my personal and professional life, communication, and blogging lately. I am still trying to sort it all out.

I want to write. I am trying to think of myself as a writer first. I HAVE to write for my job, or else no tenure for Professor Pope. But I don't want to just write academic stuff. So, what then? I am fortunate enough to be in a job that leaves me room for non-academic writing. But I am still a bit lost about what that writing should be like and how I should get it out there. Do I blog it all? Should I have a blog with a tighter focus -- writings on some general topic or another?

I am still pretty confused about all of this, as you can tell. That confusion is the explanation for the absence of blogging for the past 10 days or so.


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