Lost to the Future

Someone has put together a clip show of all the flashforwards in this season in chronological order. If this montage is correct, then the trial starts Jack and Kate's off island relationship and Jack begins to crack up after they have been together awhile.

There's a good possibility I won't be able to watch the season finale when it airs tomorrow night, since we will be at my father's house and, hopefully, in downtown Knoxville watching Robert Earl Keen. I will probably have to wait until Sunday to watch it on-line.


  1. Can't see the clip at work, wasn't that my take?

  2. I can't keep it straight, even my own thoughts....

  3. Thanks for sharing, baby. I'm sorry I'm going to make you miss the finale for Robert Earl Keen. I bet we can find someone with a DVR to record it for us!


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