Proposals Away!

Apparently, I jinxed myself. After my last post, I said to Sarah "Hey! The blog is back. It's only mid July and I've already written as many posts as I did in June." Of course, that was two weeks ago and I haven't posted anything since. :(

I just submitted two research proposals to AERA. AERA (The American Educational Research Association) is the big giant educational research conference -- tens of thousands of people, hundreds of research specialties, everyone goes, etc. It's next March in New York City. It's important for me to go for professional reasons, but the one time I went in didn't have a very good time. It's just too big and spread out for me to really meet people or learn much. Now that I know people and won't be going by myself, however, I think it will be different.

I am excited about my two proposals, though. I am first author on both. One has to do with ethics and assessment. The other with preservice teacher's (i.e. my students') visions of what school should be like. The former I am working on with a colleague here; the latter with a former student. I hope they get accepted.


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