Weyland, or The Western Barony: Introduction

Rugged mountains hiding deep dwarven ruins. Grassy plains populated by wild horses. Worn hills where creeks empty into deep, still pools. Shady forests of oak, hiding forgotten settlements. Chalky desert where bones erode under the incessant wind. Broken lands which hide those who don’t want to be found. This is The Western Barony.

Many, most call this borderland by the name of it’s capital and largest city — Weyland.

Weyland is the Western Barony of The Kingdom of Gilead. It’s a borderland, far from the machinations of the Kingdom, visited by caravans and traders. It’s a place of exile. Those fleeing trouble in the Kingdom find there way here, at the far reach of the King’s Law. Once, it was a place of penance; prisoners were sent from all over the kingdom to the feared Stonegate Prison. Nominally ruled by a Baron, few of his laws make their way into the lands beyond the capital. 

Conflict is everywhere. The Elves of Cadiz have long seen Weyland as theirs by right and conquest and have sparred with the forces of Gilead over the region. The native humans, those who haven’t been assimilated into the ways of the kingdom, keep to themselves, but many still harbor just resentment of both the elves and Gilead. The exile dwarves are often hemmed into ghettos in Weyland and the other cities, never speaking of what drove them from their mountain homes a generation ago. Halflings remain as servants to the elves, but many have gained their freedom and try to lead quiet lives. Gnolls and bugbears menace ranches and caravans, with whispers of darker beasts creeping down from the mountains. 

Opportunity awaits the brave, lucky, or foolish. Caravan guards, prospectors, treasure seekers, and even headhunters ply their trade in the canyons and deserts. The weak and unprepared need their defenders. The outlaws need to be brought to justice, especially when little has been heard from Gilead.

It’s mythic Texas meets The Dark Tower meets Blood Meridian. It’s Weyland.


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