The Mercian Elves

The Kingdom Gilead was born when elves arrived in the lands far north of Weyland. Like the Elves of Cadiz, they arrived mysteriously. Unlike their cousins to the south, they did not come as conquerors. They adopted a more exploratory attitude, befriending the native humans and beginning an exchange of goods and ideas that eventually led to degrees of assimilation and cooperation on both sides. Rumors persist that the Mercian elves were fleeing persecution by the Elves of Cadiz. That might explain some of the lingering animosity between the two; animosity that manifests itself in the various struggles over the Western Barony. 

Traditionally, Merican elves also worship Jad, though many also see aspects of the sun god in the moon, which becomes personified as Selus, a figure vague in face and gender. The Cult of Selus may have been responsible for the split between the Cadizian and Mercian elves, contributing to the Merican’s fleeing their homeland. Most of this is mere speculation, however.

Symbol from DeviantArt user dreamingnoctis:

Mercian Elves correspond to wood elves in the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules.


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