A post that needs some cheese

Warning: This post may come across as whiny.  I am frustrated.

I had a nice little gaming group and a nice little Labyrinth Lord game going on.  We had a decent player pool of 4-7 people, had an every-other Wednesday night schedule, and had gone through an entire academic-year with some degree of consistency.  Characters had died, but others had gained levels.  Plot threads had started to develop from player actions and characteristics, which made me happy.

Then, we took a break.  It was as much my doing as anyone else's.  I was travelling a lot in July, as were others, so I proposed we take July off and pick things back up in August.

You see where this is going.

Not only have we not scheduled anything, but I can't even get folks to respond to my emails and other messages.  That's the really frustrating part -- the lack of communication.  I have talked to one of my core players and he's expressed enthusiasm for continuing or restarting, but I am not sure what else I can do to wrangle everyone/anyone else back into a game.

I have a lot of admiration (and more than a little jealousy) for all of you who are able to get consistent, long term games going.  Can I play?

Anyway, sorry to be so whiny.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry to read this. Though I admire your ability to vent on your blog. I think I did it once. Felt great.

    Hope you guys start gaming again soon. Do you do it in person or Skype?

    Tim and his buddies do the Skype thing on Mondays. Not as good as in person but ... it's better than not gaming.

    PS: The dice are labeled as pink frosted and I got them at the gaming store, but I'm pretty sure I saw them for sale online, as well.

  2. Sorry to hear that, it does happen but with a little effort you should get most back.


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