Chaos at the beginning

Classes start Saturday here.  Given my own teaching load and administrative duties, that means these next two weeks are going to be nuts.  That means not a lot of posting on the blog.  It also means not any gaming, or even thinking about gaming, as I try to get off to as strong of an academic-year start as possible.

Pretty much decided on using A Game of You and Persepopolis in class this semester.  Thought hard about Maus, but just not as familiar with it as I am the other two.


  1. You guys in undergraduate education with your summer breaks. ;)

    Seriously though, you should give us a report on how the graphic novels go over in the class.

  2. I was going to recommend using Strangers in Paradise as well, which seems to fulfill all your criteria in the one book. But it looks like I missed the boat :(

  3. You have my sympathy for starting up again so soon -- the break never seems long enough to get all the planning, research and admin stuff completed, does it? Good luck with those graphic novels -- hope they work well in class!

  4. Good luck with your classes! We are starting here as well, grad students started yesterday and undergrads start next Tuesday.

    Keep me up to date on the graphic novels in class, I'm really interested in how it goes and what you are doing (or would change for the future). I think you made 2 very good choices, and you could even throw in the animated version of Persepolis, too.


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