Forgotten Songs -- Local Map

Playing around with Hexographer today at lunch and created a simple map that roughly corresponds to the first eight or so entries in Katja's Diary.  I had a very rough map sketched out in the Blue Notebook already.


  1. Very nice! One thing I always had trouble with in the campaign was knowing where things were in relation to each other, and I never bothered to ask for clarification, I just went along with the group. I guess this could be considered in character for Bix, he wasn't really concerned with where he was going so long as he could get some $, some food, an audience, and the occasional wench.

    I would like to see the sketch map from the notebook, if you can scan it for comparison.

  2. Like the crispness of the graphics and color palette. Good stuff.

  3. That's a great map. Sounds like you fellows have a really great campaign.

  4. Wow, I never knew that you had a map. Awesome. That really clears things up!


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