The Hobbit Re-Read, Proposed Schedule

My idea here is for a group re-read of The Hobbit.  Each person will take the lead for a couple of chapters, posting their thoughts on that chapter on his/her blog.  The rest of us can, of course, post whatever we want on our own blogs, but will support the chapter leader with a link and comments.  That sound alright?

If we do two chapters a day, starting with chapter one on the 15th, we will finish The Hobbit by Christmas.  Is this too ambitious?  I'll be happy to take the first two chapters for Wednesday.


  1. I started reading The Hobbit to Finn today, but he only had the patience for about a dozen pages. Still, I'm itching to dive in. With my work schedule considerably lighter, I think I could manage a few chapters a day.

    Not starting today, though. I promised my wife I'd watch some DVDs with her. I serious owe her some time after the last two weeks.

    (And if we take this into LotR, 4 chapters/day will be too ambitious, especially once the new year kicks in).

  2. I am just thinking of 2 chapters a day for the Hobbit, with a less ambitious schedule for LoTR.

  3. Good to see that the blog is back. Anyway, Finn actually asked to read more Hobbit last night. He may be getting hooked...

  4. No way I can manage 2 chapters a day with my reading schedule lately. I was thinking maybe 3-4 chapters a week. Maybe I'll have to bow out of the group read. :-(

    How do you guys find time to read with kids? I guess you both have more practice with it than I do.

  5. Alright, so maybe it was too ambitious. CL's suggestion of 3-4 chapters per week seems more manageable. I'll take the first three and have them posted by Friday. Who's next?

  6. Yes, 3-4 chapters (of the Hobbit) per week does seem better. I can go next. Alas, I didn't get to read any Hobbit yesterday due to Christmas-related activities with the boys (first visit to Santa... yeah!).


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