The Blue Notebook -- Found!

Last Friday our family got our Christmas tree.  This meant that, not only did I found out I am alergic to cedar (as my hands became swollen and red whenever I touched the tree) but I also ventured into the attic to retrieve the Christmas ornaments and such.  In said attic are multiple boxes full of my role playing stuff, as I lost all that shelf space when we had our second child in September.  I took a peek in one as I took a break from hauling stocking, ornaments, and holiday miscellany down the stairs.  Lo!  What was laying right on top?  A blue notebook with an Atlas Comics sticker stuck to the front.  It was my Forgotten Songs notes!

Highlights include a complete character sheet of Bix at 7th level and a hand-dawn map of Lienster.  There's a ton of stuff in there, so expect more details in future commentary on Katja's Diary.  If only Risus Monkey would slow down posting those things so I can get caught up!


  1. Excellent! I'd love to see both the map and Bix's character sheet. I have several of his sheets somewhere in my rpg boxes, but I wouldn't know where to begin to look.


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