1:00 AM Update

1:16 to be precise. The Pope family has been stricken with some cold bug. Eleanor is stuffy and sounds like Darth Vader breathing over the monitor; I just got her back to sleep. Sarah has a sore throat. She just took some Advil and went back to bed. I have a runny nose, but am pretty awake at this point, so I am giving an update.

Saturday was my 10 year college reunion. I guess that makes me old, but I don't particularly feel it. We traveled back to Furman for the day. We didn't do any official reunion activities. In fact, the only real homecoming activity we participated in was the philosophy department drop in. I was especially glad to see Jim Edwards, my undergrad mentor. He was seriously ill for awhile, but seemed to be in good shape now. It was neat and more than a little odd to be speaking to Jim and David Shaner as a fellow professor, when it just seems a short time ago those guys were Dr. Edwards and Dr. Shaner and I was asking about paper extensions or the relationship between Buddhism and existentialism.

After the drop in, we cruised by the fraternity tailgate. I didn't seen anyone I knew. I thought better of using the secret handshake to get us some free bar-b-que and so we just walked around campus some more, taking photos with Eleanor in the Rose Garden and by the lake. We then headed downtown so I could show Sarah the new park by the Reedy falls, ate an early dinner at Barley's, and were back in Rock Hill by 7:30. Our friends Jeannie and Jason came over for a bit that night, but we were too tired to play Apples to Apples like we had planned.

The night before we got to hang out for a bit with Josh and Jessica, two former students. Josh is in his internship, so he'll be graduating with his Master's in December and was giving us all the details of his initial foray into teaching high school English.

Sunday was typical -- church, some football on TV, and trying to rest.

It's 1:30 now, hopefully I can get back to sleep soon.


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