Obama in Rock Hill

Barack Obama will visit Rock Hill Thursday. I am going to try to go. I already have my ticket, but they key will be getting there early enough to get a seat. This may be my only chance, as I doubt any Democrat will set foot in the state after the January primary. I am not a Democrat, although I lean left.

McCain was here last week. But I am not really interested in McCain any longer (not that I was ever really interested). Out of the Republicans, I think I would go see Rudy if he came here and maybe Thompson. Of course, I'd really only go to see Thompson to see if he would help me make the following exchange:

Me: "Mr. Thompson, do you have a plan to get us out of Iraq?"
Thompson: "Plan? Russians don't take a dump, son, unless they have a plan."

Ah, they joys of having an actor run for president.


  1. Go see Obama. I say this as a two-bit political hack who has become jaded at the entire process, the guy connects to a crowd like no one I have ever seen. We had him in at 10 AM on a Wednesday morning in the most Republican suburb of Seattle and got over 3000 people there (and this was before he declared for President). I swear, in nearly ten years in professional politics, I've never seen anything like it.

    Disclaimer: I am leaning Obama, but don't officially have a horse in the primary yet. In the general, I am voting for Bruce Campbell.


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