Back from the beach

I'm back at work this morning after taking a tiny-mini-vacation to Myrtle Beach. We stayed at my brother's place. We got to hang out with Andre and Heidi and Harley. They are both really busy with work, but we got in some quality time (no, not the chopping wood kind of quality time) with them regardless. Sarah got a pedicure. I got lots of compliments as I walked around the mall with Eleanor in the Baby Bjorn. Sarah and I snuck away Friday night after Eleanor was in bed and walked around Broadway at the Beach. We rode The Pirate, rescued from The Pavilion and set up at the "Nostalgia Park" at Broadway. We had a good dinner and family time Saturday with my mother, aunt, cousin, and grandmother -- all of whom gave Eleanor lots of love and kisses.

Mostly, though, we just tried to avoid the heat. With all the humidity close to the beach, heat idexes were in the 110's on Friday and Saturday. There was also this terrific lightning storm Friday night that kept us all awake for awhile.

This was also the first time I can ever remember that I visited Conway/Myrtle Beach and did not go to Pope-Martin road. I feel a little guilty about that.


  1. We were glad to have you down. Sorry we had to work so much. Heidi and I both really enjoyed it though. You guys are welcome anytime.


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