Monday, Monday

I'm having trouble getting motivated this afternoon. I have an orientation session for my on-line class at 6:00, so I stayed home this morning and came to the office about noon. It was a fun morning. Sarah, Eleanor, and I went for a walk. I read all of the paper. We watched a Sopranos episode (Sarah and I just started watchting that show; we're still on disc one!).

But I find it hard to get started when I don't get started until after 12:00. I am not sure what it is, but I'll find any excuse not to get real work done in the afternoon unless I've already built some momentum in the morning.

We had a good weekend, though. Rock Hill got some much needed rain. The family had a little picnic at Glencarin Gardens on Saturday (before the rain). I played D&D on Saturday night. We went to church Sunday morning, then had our friends Jeannie and Jason over for dinner Sunday night. Sure, the Red Sox dropped 2 of 3 to the Yankees, but still have a 10 game lead.


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