A Beach Weekend

It's about 7:15 AM. Eleanor and I are up at my brother's house in Myrtle Beach. Everyone else is still sleeping, except the five young stray cats that hang out along the ditch at the edge of my brother's back yard. Eleanor is in her chair, looking out the back glass (and one of the cats is looking back at her), taking in the world and occasionally making baby commentary.

We've been here since Thursday. WE came down to visit my family and help my dad do some work at the old homestead. He cut down some trees earlier in the week. On Friday, in 95 degree heat, I helped him saw some of those trees into boards. It was hot and occasionally frustrating work. Who knows what the boards will be used for. But that wasn't really the point. The point was my dad LIKES to do that kind of stuff around the house. It's actually a stress reliever for him. I can't say I fully understand it, but I was happy to help him out on Friday. We worked and we talked and I know, in some weird way, he had a good time. And I did too.

We also took Eleanor on her first trip to the ocean yesterday. We covered her up and put on a hat and walked out on Springmaid Pier. Of course, she fell asleep in the car on the way over, so she was only semi-conscious for her first look at the ocean. Still it was fun to take her. I wonder how many things parents drag their kids to so their kids can do it, when actually it's really so the parents can say they took their kids to do it? Probably a lot.

Well, Eleanor is getting fussy, so that's all for now.


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