Pathfinder Update

We're playing our Pathfinder game again tonight, after what seems like an extended hiatus, though it's only been two weeks.

The group itself is good. They are fun and smart people.

The adventure, thus far, is solid.  It's the Serpent's Skull adventure path.  We're the victims of a mysterious shipwreck.  Currently, we're making our way across the island to a mysterious lighthouse, which we hope will give us clues about how we ended up here and provide us with a way off the island.  There's an interesting group of NPC's tagging along with us.  All in all, it reminds me a lot of Lost, which is a good thing.  Of course, last session two PC's (including mine) and two NPC's were captured by cannibals; we'll see if we can make it out of this without being the main course!

I will admit to not feeling my bard/archaeologist character, though.  In all honestly, I can't tell you his name right now without going to the character sheet to look it up.  Granted, we're only four or so sessions in, so he and I might get closer as things progress, but I won't shed a tear if he gets eaten tonight.  I am not really sure why this is.  Maybe it's because he's sort of a generic support character who's not really good at any particular thing.  Maybe I haven't thought enough about his story and personality.  Maybe it's his 9 strength.  That -1 really gets in the way of a lot of rolls.  I'm not sure.  We'll see what happens tonight and I'll get back to you.


  1. Pathfinder! I love that. What kind of bard is he? Like a musical morale-booster, a melee specialist, a caster?


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