From the Road

July is certainly a month of travels.  I'm back in Texas again, reunited with my family who has been staying with my wife's parents for a couple of weeks.  I've got a conference starting today.  After that's over, we'll drive back east.

I've hit upon the idea of a series of posts taking things I see, places we visit, or people I meet or observe and putting them into "game terms" -- describing them like an NPC or an interesting locale.  My inspiration here is really Christian's posts, which I find very entertaining and inspiring.  His posts are often statted out in World of Darkness terms, which is ideal for this sort of project.  Unfortunately, I haven't played any of the White Wolf games since college, so that won't work for me.  I might stat them up in Risus and throw in a random table or two where appropriate, but it's the narrative I want to practice and the ideas I want to save.

Hmm. . . statless narrative and description of an alternative-yet-familiar reality are exactly what Trey is up to.  I can only hope my stuff is 10% the quality of his.


  1. Thanks for the nod. One of the things that I love about modern era gaming is that nothing needs to be made up. All around us is an incredible, richly detailed world that is just waiting to be distorted slightly. As others have said, you can look at the world through the lens of Risus, WoD. etc and go from there.

    I'll take those WoD write-ups out of draft mode in a bit. I just need to tweak a few to make the series flow a bit better.


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