Yep. That's what's up.

I've still got this damned cold, though it looks to be fading slowly.  I was in Atlanta for a few days for a conference, which proved to be very helpful for work.  I was energized and got lots of good ideas (for work, not so much for gaming).

That explains the lack of blog activity for a few days.  I've got some (hopefully) interesting stuff in the works.  Looks like I need to produce another chapter for The Hobbit re-read.  There's an actual play report from last Friday's session of Old School Hack.  There's the new campaign idea I'm developing for (hopefully) some PBP play.  And I am way behind on the Forgotten Songs retrospective, especially now that Risus Monkey is done posting his game logs.

Lots to do!  But an Annual Report to finish first.


  1. Dammit, the Popemobile was in Atlanta and I missed it! :(

  2. Man, sounds like you had what I had when I came down to visit... oops, I hope I'm not responsible. :o

  3. Being energized with good ideas, that's fantastic. Here's hoping you kick the rest of that cold. Tim's is gone but the cough just keeps holding on. Feel better.


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