Have a Cupp!

Sarah has started back to work this week at a new coffee shop called Cupps Cafe.. It's (hopefully) opening next week and sits in a prime spot, on Cherry Road, right across the street from the two largest dorms on campus. The owners are great and clearly have a passion for coffee. They'll also have beer and wine, with organic/local food for lunches and stuff. I am very excited about the place and excited for Sarah, because she likes working in an environment like Cupps. It's one of her dreams to own her own cafe one day, and this gets her a little step closer.

Of course, Sarah started the same week my face-to-face class started, so we've been doing a bit of juggling with Eleanor. We're trying to avoid daycare, as much because of the expense as anything else. So I've been watching her in the mornings, or bringing her to the office for a bit. That arrangement has been okay, except that Eleanor isn't really napping like she needs to -- she only wants to sleep in her car seat. So she gets fussy and I can't get work done, which makes me fussy.

It's forced me to reevaluate my work habits and routine a bit. In many ways, I am a morning person -- I work best until lunch, then find it really hard to be productive (especially writing) after 2:00 or so. But this week, I have been able to get things done after class, which ends at 4:00. Yesterday I recorded a podcast for my on-line course and did some other odds and ends from 4:00 -- 6:00 before heading home.

So many balls are up in the air, but Sarah and I are figuring out how to sort things so that both of us can work, we can take care of our little girl, and spend some time together as a family. It's hard, but we are working it out.


  1. Have you thought about bringing the car seat into the office with you? Or is it the motion of the car that puts her out?


  2. Our car seat attaches to a frame to make our stroller, so she's in the seat almost every time she comes up to the office. She stays asleep sometimes, but often wakes up once she gets into the office (because we've stopped moving, I think).


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