Back from the ATL

This weekend I was in Atlanta at the Teaching Professor conference. Unlike most conferences where scholarship is presented and critiqued, this one was more of a workshop type environment, with all sorts of session on things like using podcasting or teaching first year students. I went to several on teaching freshmen, one on podcasting, and one on dealing with "Millenial" students. I picked up a bunch of good tips, but things began to get repetitive toward the end. I probably could have solved that by going to different types of sessions, however, so I'll mark the conference as a success, at least for me.

Since it was in Atlanta, I was also able to get together with Daniel and his new wife Jenna. We met Amy (another friend from Furman) and her finace Anton for dinner and drinks on Friday. Anton is part owner and developer of two restraunt/bar places in the Atlanta neighborhood of Cabbagetown -- the Standard and 67 Estoria. We met at The Standard, which had a cool converted gas station vibe, done in reds and yellows. It was a little crowded, since no one was sitting outside because of the cold (49 in May!), so Anton took us over to another restraunt called Agave. It was a very nice Southwestern place that reminded me of Continental Divide in Charlottesville (complete with lots of different tequillas). Then we headed over to 67 Estoria, which had a neighboorhood bar meets indie rock sort of feel.

At 67 Estoria, they had Woodchuck Pear and Apple on tap. I am a big cider guy, so I was going to get the Apple, but Anton said he had something he wanted me to try. That something was Grey Goose Pear, which he suggested I sip and chase with the Woodchuck Pear Cider. The Grey Goose was amazingly smooth and tasty (which is why you pay more for it, I suppose), and the Pear cider on top of it made for a very nice combination. And since I don't really drink much, I certainly felt the combination.

After that drink (okay, two) at 67 Estoria, we went back to The Standard for a bit. I just had a ginger ale, Daniel tried to pay his wife $1000 so he could have a cigarette, and we left Amy and Anton about 12:30. Daniel and Jenna dropped me off at my hotel and that was the night for me.

A good conference and I had a good time with friends.


  1. Anton definitely knows his food. The Sunday after Daniel's wedding Jane and I went out with him and Amy for a meal that we are still talking about.

  2. Where did you guys go? Tell me about this meal.

    The cool thing about Anton is that, while he knows and appreciates good food, he's not snobby about it. He and I had a conversation about bar-b-que at Daniel's wedding and they serve what looked to be Sloppy Joes at The Standard.


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